9: Ghost-Powered WiFi

In this episode, Curtis ponders his pings, wireless fidelity is explored, more iPhone SE lust is explored, and webs are logged.

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8: Happy Valentine’s Day, Government

In today’s episode, Curtis falls off the wagon and into the coffeeverse. Along the way, Han shoots first, iPhones get encrypted, Apple lets down its power users, wives switch to Android, and quotas get met.

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7: Capitalist Coffee

In this episode, Curtis and Joe talk lickable iOS 6 and Soylent cyborgs before committing to a deep-dive on coffee culture, varieties, and techniques.

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6: curtisbunnerconsulting.me

In the latest broadcast, Curtis and Joe discuss iOS 6 for those who don’t know better, Curtis Bunner LLC, the survival of television in the Internet age, real-life Iron Man Elon Musk, blogging long and short, infant-sized Nerf projectiles, and GAMES GAMES GAMES GAMES.

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Quotidian Radio Episode Five: Equally Pointlessly Science-y

In the latest episode, Curtis makes a surprising purchase, discusses server backup strategies, and leads Joe through the soothing soundscapes of ASMR.

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